Neural network suggestions


Live Phobrain

Titles will train a future net

Women on the Prowl

Sheriffs on the Loose

Flower Child

Rhombic Rhopulism

God, Delusion, and Snake Women

Cool is the New Hot

Don't Cry for Me, Acapulco

The Light of Civilization

Tickle Me Pink

Women in a Supporting Role

Split Decision

Soul on Ice

Something Happened on the Way to the Forum

Think Like Me

Railing against Nature

Gymnopédie No.1

Hello Fiber

Speaking in Tongues

Dancing with Elves in The Underwear of Profit

Overture to William Tell

The Analytic Engine

The Heart Can Be A Bear


New Era

Benchmark: at 6 nets, with Sigma

Thematic examples curated from non-NN AI

Four Duets


Photos in order: Bill/Bill, Bill/Bill, Raf&Skot/Bill, Bill/Bill,
Bill/Bill, Bill/Raf&Skot, Bill/Bill, Elle/Bill,
Bill/Bill, Bill/Bill, Raf&Skot/Raf&Skot, Raf&Skot/Bill,
Bill/Bill, Bill/Bill, Bill/Bill, Bill/Bill,
Bill/Bill, Raf&Skot(apple)/Bill, Raf&Skot/Raf&Skot, Bill/Raf&Skot,
Bill/Bill, Raf&Skot/Bill.

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