Image Analysis 2 - Angles in Picture Space

Results for various image analysis methods applied to photos by Bill, Elle, Ellen, and Raf&Skot (N~15000).
Image distance analysis.

Distributions of picture-picture angles

Angles are for difference with respect to the average over all the photos, unless otherwise specified.

2D: 'ab' coordinates of average Lab color (difference vector)

2D: 'ab' coordinates of average Lab color (difference/origin)

2D: 'ab' coordinates of average Lab color

3D: coordinates of average RGB color (difference/origin)

3D: coordinates of average RGB color

4D: Lab 'ab' 2x2 histogram

4D: Hue*Saturation 2x2 histogram

(A 2-bin histogram for hue angle is meaningless for practical purposes, but interesting to compare.)

8D: RGB 2x2x2 histogram

27D: RGB 3x3x3 histogram

64D: RGB 4x4x4 histogram

1,728D: RGB 12x12x12 histogram

13,824D: RGB 24x24x24 histogram

32,768D: RGB 32x32x32 histogram

256D: greyscale histogram

578D: Hue*Saturation 24x24 histogram

Lab conversion and distance from formulae on web.
Hue+Sat histograms, Sift, Hog, Surf from BoofCV, Sift/Hog/Surf using a KNN classifier.
Gist distance from OpenIMAJ.
Fractal analysis from IQM.
MultiDimensional Scaling from scikit-learn.

What use to cry for Capricorn? it sails
Across the heart's red atlas: it is found
Only within the ribs, where all the tails
The tempest has are whisking it around.

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